Semen Analysis and IUI

Semen Analysis

Once semen is collected, semen samples are analysed for volume, viscosity and pH levels, and microscopically evaluated to determine motility, sperm count, morphology and other important factors.

Intra Uterine Insemination

The IUI treatment is offered to those couple whose cause of infertility has been access as below:

The Process

IUI is a simple procedure which increases the chances of conception in otherwise difficult situation. In IUI, highly motile sperms are deposited inside the uterus at the time of egg release by a thin catheter/ tube. No hospitalization is required and you can resume your activities same day. It is painless procedure and gives a good outcome in minimal cost. 4 to 6 Cycles of IUI are enough to get maximum benefit of the procedure.

We start the process of IUI with tablets or gonadotropins injection which are prescribed to the female partner as it stimulates the growth of follicles and cause ovulation.

Due to effect of drug, numbers of eggs are produced. The monitoring of above drug effects is done by tracking the development of follicles by Ultrasound. Many follicles will produce too many eggs and sometimes increase the risk of multiple pregnancies.

As one or two follicles have reached their maximum size, ovulation is again induced with another hormone injection contains HCG /Luperolide/ Decapeptyl .

A fresh sample of sperm is collected just before the IUI procedure from male partner by masturbation and then sperm is washed and highly motile sperms are obtained and kept ready for the Insemination.

Then washed sperms are released high into the uterus of the female partner through a fine Catheter. The procedure is painless and hardly takes 15 to 30 minutes.

After completion of IUI procedure instructions are given. In general after the IUI one can enjoy the general life without any restriction.

Sperm Washing

On popular demand, we have introduced the facility of Sperm washing / enhancement for outside patients also. All gynecologists are welcome to avail this unique facility to procure washed / prepared sperms for performing IUI at their own clinics.

Sperm freezing/banking facility is also available for Male factor infertility/husband having problem of producing the sample on demand. In such cases Samples from husband are freezed prior to IUI and pooled later on to get required no. of motile sperms for IUI .

Why Sperm Freezing

When you are going for Cancer Therapies : Cancer therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can cause permanent sterility and infertility. Having your sperm frozen can preserve future fertility.

When you are considering a Vasectomy : Sperm cryopreservation can preserve fertility and prevent the need for reversal surgery if personal circumstances change.

When you are working in some hazardous environment : High risk professions with exposure to chemicals, radiation, extreme heat, etc. can cause sterility in men, so one can freeze their sperm.

When facing Ejaculatory dysfunction: It is thought that sperm number and quality decreases over time when ejaculation doesn't occur. Therefore, in cases where men can't ejaculate, such as with spinal cord injury, preserving sperm as early as possible may increase their fertility chances.

When Low sperm counts problem is with you : Higher-quality sperm samples can be frozen for later use with IVF and ICSI. Specimens can be pooled to increase the likelihood of achieving pregnancy.

When male partner are going to be absent : Sperm freezing enables the female partner to continue with her reproductive schedule.

Semen Cryopreservation

Cryoprotectant is added to the semen to control sperm damage caused by freezing. The specimen is then divided into individual cryo-vials, placed into liquid nitrogen vapor for 30 minutes, and then plunged into liquid nitrogen. At a temperature of -196°C all metabolic activity is halted. Semen can thus be preserved for many years.

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